infant massage and baby colics


Infant Massage and Baby Colics

That crying that doesn´t stop, and that rips our souls. “If only I could do something to take away this suffering.” Yes, it is possible. With specialized treatment.

Colic physiotherapy

For more than 15 years, my experience has led me, to be a specialist in this field. In group or one-to-one sessions as and when necessary through the warm and loving gaze of infant massage.

The Infant and Postpartum Massage courses are much more than a massage, it´s about sharing, making a group, a “Tribe”.  We are a reference in the area of ​​Marbella and surroundings, together with Carmen Oliva, from Estímulos Maternales (, mother and companion on the path of making it possible to live Maternity in a different way. We have been collaborating together for more than 10 years.

The testimonials of our “mums” speak on our behalf.

The treatments can be one-to-one, in consultation or at the comfort of your home, but without a doubt, the most enriching experience is our  group massage. We not only do massage for colic.

We have our own tribe !! What is “Tribe”? Well, doing Tribe envolves making a circle of women, and creating a space where we can express ourselves, see that Motherhood is not as easy as we had been told, and that all the emotions that are expressed are valid, and are non-judgemental.

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