photo of pregnant woman with fingers walking over tummyPregnancy and postpartum:

We work from the body´s awareness so that women can start to adapt their bodies to the naturally occuring changes that happen during pregnancy, because our lives are increasingly more sedentary and stressed, … all of which makes us more and more disconnected from our body, and small habits like an incorrect “pregnantcy posture” becomes a great discomfort until giving birth, and may even continue after delivery.

It is very important to feel the pelvic floor and perineum with a view to giving birth and birth of the baby itself, thus greatly reducing the chances of unwanted  suffering from episiotomies and strains.

It is common to find women in postpartum with small urine losses, muscle weakness, or even with the feeling that they no longer feel the same as before.  This is not normal, but  sadly enougn it is frequent.

Nevertheless  we can help you!