pelvic floor recovery

Pelvic Floor Recovery in Marbella

That great unknown yet how much it can affect us.
We know these disorders as urinary incontinence, gas, fecal, constipation, pain in sexual relations, erectile dysfunction and impotence, postpartum weakness, even in caesarean sections there can be pelvic floor problems!

Also works the pelvic floor as prevention, or in pre or post surgery.

A good functioning of the pelvic floor can never be if we do not know where it is or how we can work on it, which is why many of the treatments begin with making contact and body awareness.

What other techniques do we know?

These are osteopathy and manual therapy, electrotherapy, biofeedback, myofascial techniques, massage, etc., therefore we could say that “we have the complete tools” and for each patient we select the most appropriate ones.

We treat urogynecological disorders in women, although the fields of action in this specialty also include men and children, urology, gynecology, coloproctology, physio-sexuality, mainly dyspareunias and anomalgasmias (due to hypotonia, perineal injuries and others) and obstetrics: preparation for delivery, postpartum, episiotomies, perineal injuries due to instrumental deliveries, pain in the spine due to sequelae to the epidural, among others.

Dysfunctions are not only incontinence, but pain (of the entire pelvic and visceral structure) and other parts that can be reflected on the entire pelvic floor, from postures, mechanics,  falls or accidents, cesarean scars and abdominal or that can affect the pelvic floor.