hypopressive abs

Hypopressive Abdominals and 5P Method in Marbella

They consist of a sequence of exercises, based on scientific evidence, that  show how effective they are, if executed in a specific way. They strengthen the pelvic floor, the lumbar, abdominal girdle and with another series of added proven benefits.

They are increasingly known and claimed, as celebrities openly talk about their practice after their deliveries to regain their shape.

Why do they work so well?

Because with little effort and time, great results are obtained.

Note: It is not the universal panacea, you need to work daily and with constancy, but the results are visible.

I always say to my patients: “if you put all your effort into this, you wont need to take half of the muscle pain tablets you normally take”.

Individual and group sessions in postpartum.

Come with your baby! “Moms and babies  are like one in a pod”.